How to Open, Start or Run PRN File Extension

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What is PRN file extension?

Have you been troubled in opening a PRN file? Are you afraid that the PRN file could threaten your computer privacy and make your computer a dangerous zone?

PRN file type is a file designed by selecting “Print to File” inside of the Print dialog box; consists of text along with other material to become printed also as instructions for the printer, including quantity of pages to print and what printer tray to work with; just like a PostScript (.PS) file.

PRN files may possibly be printed in Mac OS X by dragging the file to the desktop printer icon. In Windows, they will be printed by right-clicking the file and choosing “Microsoft Workplace Document Imaging” (only some variations of Microsoft Workplace Document Imaging support PRN files). You may also open them via the Windows command line. To complete this, select “Run” through the Start off Menu, sort “cmd,” and carry out the subsequent methods:

In the event the printer is connected through USB, kind:
“COPY /B [filename.prn] \\[Computer Name]\[Shared Printer Name]”

If the printer is linked by way of an older parallel port connection, variety:
“COPY /B [filename.prn] LPT1:”

Be aware: Do not contain the [brackets] when typing the real command..

To fix the problem you need to follow the steps below:

Open Your PRN File Extension Immediately

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